Canadian Picture Pioneers Student Assistance Program

In 2003 the Trustees approved awarding student assistance awards to students in need of financial assistance who are enrolled in full time studies. Each year the Trustees receive hundreds of applications from students requesting support for their studies. Students are asked to answer a number of questions in detail and an essay with a minimun word count telling the judging Trustees about themselves and explain how the assitance money would benefit them, and how their life and education will benefit society.

Applications are accepted each year from eligible students who are 30 years or younger, enrolled in full-time post-secondary education and who currently works or has worked in the film industry for a minimum of 1 year, within the past 6 months, or you have a parent/grandparent who currently works or did work in the film industry for a minimum of 3 years, within the past 6 months (or is a retiree with 5 years of industry employment prior to retirement )are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Click Here to read full rules and regulations before you apply.

Contact the Canadian Picture Pioneer office for additional information regarding the Canadian Picture Pioneers Student Assistance Program.

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2018 Canadian Picture Pioneers
Student Assistance Awards

The students listed below were selected to receive awards from the Canadian Picture Pioneers Student Assistance Program.

Huzaifa Ahmed – Ontario – Cineplex Entertainment
PJ Cheyne-Miller – Ontario – Cineplex Entertainment
Taylon Clark – Ontario – Cineplex Entertainment
Natasha Cross – Ontario – Cineplex Entertainment
Rebecca Eastwood – Alberta – Cineplex Entertainment
Christopher Gagnon – Alberta – Cineplex Entertainment
Lynette Grandmaison – British Columbia – Cineplex Entertainment
Julia Greene – New Brunswick – Cineplex Entertainment
Haylee Hinger – Alberta – Cineplex Entertainment
Sydney Liao – Ontario – Extreme Reach
Deanna Liao – Ontario – Extreme Reach
Jordan Lok – British Columbia – Cineplex Entertainment
Emma Mackie – British Columbia – Imagine Cinemas
Saio Mansaray – Manitoba – Cineplex Entertainment
Reegan McCheyne – Manitoba – Landmark Cinemas
Michaela McKinnon – Nova Scotia – Cineplex Entertainment
Katherine Ong – Ontario – Premier Theatres
Jessie Pan – British Columbia – Cineplex Entertainment
Karishma Patel – Ontario – Imagine Cinemas
Hannah Rees – Ontario – Landmark Cinemas
Laura Schnobb – Ontario – Cineplex Entertainment
Sam Tonner – Ontario – Landmark Cinemas
Tatiana Tuzzi – British Columbia – Cineplex Entertainment
Alison Zimmer – Ontario – Mongrel Media


Check back in Summer 2019 for next application cycle. 


Please share the above poster with anyone else who may qualify.  Click Here to Download

Click here for student awards application form


Read the detailed Rules and Regulations before you apply.


Click Here to Read Rules and Regulations

Application deadline date: Will be posted when the application process opens for 2019.

Awards will be announced after judging has been completed in the Fall of 2019.

Only successful applicants will be notified.


Note: This award is geared towards students in financial need.