Canadian Picture Pioneers Student Assistance Program

2024 Student Assistance – Coming Soon 

Stay tuned for application information in summer 2024.

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2022 Student Assistance Awards Recipients
The students listed below were selected to receive assistance awards from the Canadian Picture Pioneers Student Assistance Program.

(Click on below graphic to download 2022 student recipient pictures)

CPP 2022 Student Assistance Awards Recipients

Ria Bhalla – Ontario – Cineplex
Kiara Bosa – British Columbia – Cineplex
Caitlin Budhram – Ontario – Cineplex
Diana Duru-Obisi – Ontario – Cineplex
Michelle Eastman – Ontario – Cineplex
Noor Ghazzo – Ontario – Cineplex
Dustin Gilliland – Manitoba – Landmark Cinemas
Isabella Halverson – Saskatchewan – Cineplex
Shakeidra Hill – Ontario – Cineplex
Ashlee Hill – Nova Scotia – Cineplex
Landys Lepine – Alberta – Landmark Cinemas
Muktar Mohamed – Ontario – Cineplex
Mordecai Muleya – Ontario – Cineplex
Jayda Parenteau – Alberta – Cineplex
Ella Poynton – British Columbia – Cineplex
Faisal Qazi – British Columbia – Cineplex
Frédéric Rouleau – Québec – Cineplex
Naihla Dawkins – Ontario – Cineplex
Vivien Saguros – Ontario – Cineplex
Keanna Stock – Ontario – Norwood Theatre
Kaitlyn Thompson – New Brunswick – Cineplex
Trina Vu – Ontario – Cineplex

In 2003 the Trustees approved awarding student assistance awards to students in need of financial assistance who are enrolled in full-time studies. Each year the Trustees receive hundreds of applications from qualifying students requesting financial so they can continue their full-time studies. Students are asked to answer a number of questions in detail about their financial situation and provide an essay with a minimum word count telling the judges about themselves and explain how the assistance funding would assist them, and how their life and education will benefit society.  The majority of the students who apply work in movie theatres across Canada.

Applications are accepted each year from eligible post-secondary students who meet the current requirements and are enrolled full-time in an accredited Canadian College or University.  There are also minimum employment requirements to be eligible to apply.  Full details of all the requirements, rules and regulations are posted for each application year.

Contact the Canadian Picture Pioneers office for additional information regarding the Canadian Picture Pioneers Student Assistance Program.