About Us

Since its creation in 1940, the Canadian Picture Pioneers has grown to over 1000 members in five branches across Canada. The organization is dedicated to the support and well-being of all members of the motion picture industry in Canada.

The Canadian Picture Pioneers not-for-profit organization was founded by a group of 19 prominent members of the motion picture industry, meeting in January 1940 at Toronto’s King Edward Hotel.

The Canadian Picture Pioneers attracts members from all levels of the industry for two main reasons. Firstly, the social events combine all levels of industry and an opportunity to network and socialize. Secondly, the Canadian Picture Pioneers Trust Fund charity, maintained by the Pioneers, offers support to industry individuals and families and others in need across Canada.

Over the years, many people have played active and important roles in the Canadian Picture Pioneers. Members have served on the Board or Directors, event committees and as volunteers working at events. Annually, selected Pioneer members are honoured at the Annual Awards Dinner but it is understood that Pioneer members serve to give back to an industry they love to work in.

As a Pioneer member, there is an opportunity to contribute in many ways, attending events, volunteering your time with the planning and working of events, or financial support to the Trust Fund.

Original membership requirements called for 25 years of service in the industry. Today the focus is on including everyone with any level of service; in fact everyone in any aspect of the movie business or supplier should be proud to join such a vital part of the motion picture industry.

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