About Us

The Canadian Picture Pioneers Not-for-Profit / Charity (CPP) is the longest serving not-for-profit charity associated with the Canadian movie business.  The CPP’s main function is to serve as the industry’s community support network, dedicated to the support and well-being of industry members and others across Canada.  The CPP does this is by organizing national and regional industry fundraising networking events that bring members from all levels of the industry together multiple times a year.  These events assist in supporting the CPP’s financial assistance programs that help financially troubled industry employees working in offices and theatres.  CPP charitable activities and other programs are entirely funded through the generosity of its members and industry partners.  In its 80 years of service to the Canadian industry the CPP has provided close to 4-million dollars in total charitable assistance.

Registered Charitable Org #891614042



• To provide assistance to eligible applicants who are in financial distress and have a clear need

• To cultivate the next generation of pioneers for the Canadian motion picture industry

• To build and foster relationships and a sense of community for those involved with the Canadian motion picture industry

• To develop relationships between the public and those engaged in the motion picture industry 

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