In addition to our assistance programs, we are also helping by waiving 2020 CPP membership dues for all current and any new members across Canada.

New membership is open to any member of the motion picture industry in Canada, or any associated company or supplier connected to the motion picture industry in Canada.

If you are applying for membership separately or as part of an event or to a Branch, you can fill out the membership form and submit without using PayPal link to make payment at this time.

If you have any questions?

Please contact the Pioneer office at:
Telephone:  416-368-1139 or email us using the Contact Tab

Membership Dues:
First Year (includes AGM lunch ticket): $65.00
Annual Dues: $35.00
Retired Members: $20.00

If you live outside of Ontario we will forward your application to the Branch in your area. (Branch dues may vary from the above list)

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I affirm the above information to be true, that I am of good character and by virtue of my current employment in the Motion Picture Industry, Home Entertainment or an associated company, I am qualified to become a member of the CANADIAN PICTURE PIONEERS. I fully agree that in the event it should be proven, after my admission to the organization, I have misrepresented any of the foregoing, I will voluntarily surrender my membership after said misrepresentation has been brought to my attention. I further agree to receive correspondence from the Canadian Picture Pioneers no matter how it may be sent. I agree
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