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By Mail: Canadian Picture Pioneers
225 The East Mall, Suite 1762
Toronto, Ontario, M9B 0A9
By Phone: 416-368-1139
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    Join the Canadian Picture Pioneers Branch in your area or contact the National Office by using any of the contact information on this page. For any information on the Canadian Picture Pioneers or how to donate to the Trust Fund please contact the National Office using the above contact details.


    President: Jason Fulsom
    Vice Presidents: Sarah Brown, Greg Mason
    Treasurer/Secretary: Sarah Van Lange
    Executive Director: John Freeborn
    National Directors:

    Sarah Brown, Margaret Burnside, Louise Campbell, Gina Facca, Sara Fleming, John Freeborn, Jason Fulsom, Jennifer Hofley, Donna Janning, Jennifer Kolber, Christina Kuypers, Ernie MacDonald, Brooks LeBoeuf, Gurbani Marwah, Greg Mason, Joanna Miles, Michael Mosca, Sandy Power, Susan Smythe-Bishop, Darren Stokes, Adam Tameron, Danish Vahidy, Sarah Van Lange, Don Williams, Jason Wright



    Chairperson: Cathy Watson
    Treasurer: Phil May
    Trustees: Neil Campbell, Karen Davis, Jason Fulsom
    Executive Director: John Freeborn


    Louise Campbell (Alberta)
    Michael Mosca (Quebec)
    Ernie MacDonald (Atlantic Branch)
    Donna Janning (British Columbia)

    CPP Group Shot