Trust Fund

Canadian Picture Pioneers Trust FundIn 1942 The Canadian Picture Pioneers decided to create a separate organization which would be a benevolent fund to assist those in financial need.  In 1947 it became the Canadian Picture Pioneers Trust Fund under Government Registration, operating under the complete separate authority of the Trustees. The Picture Pioneers Trust Fund is a registered Canadian Charity, and can issue receipts for income tax purposes.

Assistance provided by the Trust Fund is not looked upon as charity but rather a means by which we in the film industry may help each other. The names of those needing help are usually brought to the attention of the Trustees by a friend, co-worker or Trust Fund Liaison and are treated in the strictest confidence.

Currently assisting many individuals across Canada, the Trust Fund helps a wide array of individuals; including retirees, young widows, or families who find themselves out of work or in need of assistance. The Trust Fund frequently covers day-to-day living expenses, food, shelter, additional health care costs, dental or optical requirements, wheelchairs, prostheses, oxygen equipment, or air conditioners.

A Student Assistance Program has also been set-up to assist young people employed in the industry and are also enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies.

Referring to the intent of the Trust Fund, past Chairman David Ongley once stated: "It is the quality of people's lives that is the concern of the Pioneers and the Trust Fund – not simply their just getting by."

Trust Fund Donations

Canadian Picture Pioneers fundraising supports the Trust Fund.  Please remember the Trust Fund also needs your direct financial support by way of your annual charitable donations, funeral "In Memory" donations, estate or insurance beneficiary contributions.

General or In Memory Donations to the Canadian Picture Pioneers can be made via an email transfer or CLICK HERE to download a Donation Card which can then be sent via mail, fax or email to the Pioneer office in Toronto. Tax receipts will be issued for donations $20.00 or greater.

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