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The 2019 application process and deadline dates will be announced in June. 


Rules and Regulations

Please see below for English application form.  Click on link below for French application form and rules and regulations.

French Application

2019 Application process dates will be posted in June

Please check back for additional information on the 2019 Student Assistance Awards Program

Only those selected for consideration will be contacted after judging is completed in the Fall of 2019.

Selected applicants will be contacted for additional information.
Note: This scholarship award is geared towards students in financial need.

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Essay Submission

In the below sections, tell the judges about yourself, how the scholarship money will benefit you, career goals and how your life and education will benefit society. Details of your need for financial assistance must be included. Financial information should include current year school costs and any accumulated school debts. How you are currently paying for school costs, including any other education funding, scholarships and bursaries that you are receiving. Information on any volunteer service should include dates of volunteer activities.

Explain why you need the financial assistance.

Provide details on any volunteer activities.

Provide detailed breakdown on your educational costs.

In no less than 350 words, tell the judges about yourself, explain how the scholarship funds will be used and career goals. Please do not repeat any information provided in other comment areas above.

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