Pioneering Women

About Us

Pioneering Women offers inspirational, intimate, and inclusive events for women in arts and culture to meet, greet and mingle.


Our events are fun, inspirational, and affordable and present a wonderful networking opportunity for women working in the arts and culture industry.

The Pioneering Women Committee

Our committee is comprised of veterans of the industry, who volunteer their time to passionately help move Pioneering Women forward.  
Sarah Brown
Co-Founder/Co-Director & Vice President Theatrical Sales, Paramount Pictures Canada
Kylie Bechberger
Co-Director, Pioneering Women & Head of Theatrical Distribution VVS Films Canada
Teri Hart
Committee Member, Pioneering Women & Television and Radio Host & Producer, 
Katie Veloso
Committee Member, Pioneering Women & Media Manager, Universal Pictures Canada
Katya Kwiatkowski
Committee Member, Pioneering Women & Manager, Publicity & Promotions at The Walt Disney Studios Canada

Contact Us

Instagram:  @pioneeringwomenca
Facebook:  Pioneering Women

For a better idea of what we are about, have a look at our sizzle reel.

We work in partnership with the Canadian Picture Pioneers, all profits from our efforts go to support future Pioneering Women events and to support the Canadian Picture Pioneers, an organization that not only helps to unify the Canadian Film Industry through many annual events and fundraising initiatives, but also supports industry members who may be facing financial hardship due to circumstances beyond their control.